Kings Park Community says NO to a sewage basin in the middle of the NRSP

Suffolk County is attempting to purchase property within the border of the Nissequogue River State Park to be used as sewage drainage basins.   Although expanding and improving our sewage capacity is a great idea, using parkland to accommodate sewage treatment for the Smithtown Business District, which is in a neighboring business district, 8 miles from the park, is unacceptable.   This proposed basin (actually 4 open basins) will be adjacent to Lawrence Road directly across the street from the Kings Park School District Administration building.

Our community has fought for decades to clean up the park and determine its future.   New York State is finalizing a master plan for the park which is nearing completion.  We share NYS Parks Dept. efforts to transform this property into a flagship NYS park.   Putting a sewage treatment basin the middle of it would certainly ruin those efforts.

We cannot support the introduction of treated waste water into the middle of a park especially considering it will not benefit the park or the surrounding community.

If you agree, please download, sign and send this letter to Governor Hochul and let her know that you do not support the proposal.  

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